Nixie Tube Clocks for your home

Nixie Dream was founded in 2014 in Ukraine on our passion for retro nixie display technology. We love old stuff, old cars, old electronics. We are delighted by the fact that nixie tubes have survived tens of years, since 1970 and some are still serving their original purpose. Nostalgic fondness for the styling of obsolete technology awaked our interest in reviving Nixies. The beauties of the Nixie tubes are that its embedded digits are typographically designed and shaped for legibility. We have taken the old school retro nixie technology, added modern electronics and blended with pure wood nature to produce a limited edition handmade nixie clocks that are truly unique. Starting just a hobby, we have transformed into supplying quality, unique nixie clocks supplier to customers across the world. We are more than happy to offer our clocks for you!

History about our company

At Nixie Dream we mixed high quality components, obsolete display technology and pure wood nature. We gave the old Nixie tubes a new life. At our company we strive to provide not only quality products, but ones that will make a lasting impression. Each piece is carefully and individually finished and inspected to ensure it is perfectly made for you. Our products can be customized and personalized, making them anything but ordinary.

Right components

For our nixie clocks we use only NOS (New Old Stock) tubes. It means they are new and were found on old production facilities all over Ukraine. However nixie tubes are no longer in production, so there is a finite supply. That is why the prices are constantly going up. As we are based in Ukraine we have still very steady supply of them available. Are there Tens of Thousands of nixies left? No one really knows for sure. What is known, at the time of writing this post, supply is still meeting our demand.

Perfect impression

We know what it takes and how important it is to make a gift that makes a lasting impression. That is why we made it easier for you and we package our clocks in beautiful premium branded gift boxes. Besides making perfect impression our boxes safeguard that the nixie clocks are delivered free of damages during transportation.

Why to choose our nixie clocks

High Quality

We use only industrial grade components and assemble our nixie clocks in environmental friedly premises. We aim to always improve our work efficiency and quality by automating our assembly processes. Our PCB are soldered on proferssional soldering macjines and clock's cases are milled on high grade CNC macnines.

Attractive prices

As we are based in Ukraine, where the nixie tubes were produced in 70s-80s, we can offer the most attractive prices for our nixie tube clocks on the market. Although the nixie tubes today are rare find we still able to keep the reasonable prices for the clocks as we want to make them available for many people.

Global Warranty

We want you to use our nixie clocks as long as possible. That is why we offer a global support and 12 months of warranty for the tubes and clocks. Every feedback you provide to us helps us to improve the quality of our products.

Reach functionality

We want to make our products unique and offer the functionality that you hardly can find in other clocks. For instance, our nixie tubes are easily repleacable, our clocks have special anti-poisoning mode, in our clocks you will find five special annimations effects and much more. You can see below full list of the fucntionality of our clocks. 

Full options available in our clocks

Anti-Poisoning mode

We use special mode to extend the lift of the nixie tubes.

Animation effects

Eyes-catching annimation effects when toggling the digits.

Underneath lighting

We backlight the nixie tubes with 730RGB colours, UV and candle-flickering effects.

Remote Control

Control the clock with the IR remote control.

Automatic brightness

The clock automatically adjusts the tubes brightness.

12/24 Time

The clock is suitable for all geographical zones.

Clock Alarm

An importnat feature that says for itself.

Worldwide Power Adapter

Included 110/220V power adapter.

International Free Shipping

We offer Free International Shipping.
Nixie Dream company

Nixie Dream was founded in 2014 as a small family owned business of three engineers being passioned about retro nixie technology. We have combined retro nixie technology with pure wood nature and built the nixie clock which is truly unique. Our aim is to provide not only quality nixie clocks, but ones that will make a lasting impression. Our business is located in the heart of Ukraine - in Kiev. Feel free to contact us at any time.