Questions about Nixie Clocks

How long do nixie tubes last?

The nixie tubes that we use are mercury doped tubes, they were designed as "long-life" tubes. Many of these nixie tubes are 30 years old, and they still illuminate perfectly. We provide guarantee for the tubes for 2 years- within this period we will ship the spare nixie clock to you for free. For defective tubes after 2 years, we provide spare tubes for $10 each ($6 per additional tube if more than one are broken).

Do you sell spare nixie tubes?

Yes, I offer spare nixie tubes. They are only offered for those who have previously purchased a nixie clock.

Are nixie tubes completely safe?

The nixie tubes are 100% safe. Nixie tubes do not generate heat, in a nixie tube the cathodes remain relatively cool, about human body temperature. The gas mixture inside the tubes is at a very low pressure (perhaps 1/100th of normal atmospheric pressure or even less). When a voltage of about 170–180 volts is applied between the anode and one of the cathodes, the low-pressure gas becomes ionized and makes a different digit "light up."

Is there a warranty for the nixie clocks or tubes?

We provide guarantee for the tubes for 2 years - within this period we will ship the spare nixie tube to you for free. For defective tubes after 2 years, we provide spare tubes for $10 each ($6 per additional tube if more than one are broken). For other nixie clock issues (not nixie tubes related), we provide lifetime warranty, in such case we expect you to ship the clock to us for repair, you will be charged only for shipping.

What if I received a broken clock or tube?

We do our best to protect the clock and the tubes during shipping. Our latest premium packaging protects the nixie clock and tubes very well. However if you receive a broken clock or tube, please send it back to us, we will ship you for free another clock or tube.

Can the wooden case be opened to replace a broken nixie tube?

If the nixie tube needs to be replaces, you can take out the back plastic cover by removing 4 screws and change the nixie tube. The tubes are not soldered. All our nixie clocks have special pins that held in place the tubes, so it is really easy to replace them. 

Are the nixie tubes soldered?

No, we do not solder nixie tubes. We use special pins to keep the tubes in place so you can easily replace the tubes if needed.

Do you ship the nixie clocks worldwide?

We ship worldwide! All packages are sent via International registered airmail with tracking number.

Do you accept returns for the nixie clocks?

If you order from us and really don't like our product, we will offer you a full refund on it.
For a full refund of purchase price, please notify us and return within 14 days of purchase. Return shipping and packaging is the responsibility of the buyer.

When I will get my clock?

Based on our experience shipping takes about 6-10 days to EU countries and about 8-14 days to the US and Canada. About 12 days to Australia. During postal peak times like Christmas it may take a bit longer. You can always upgrade your shipping to expedited with Fedex/DHL - just contact us prior to the shipping.

Do you provide a tracking number?

Indeed, we provide a tracking number, so you can track the status of your shipping online via Ukrposhta or your local postal provider, e.g. US Post.
Nixie Dream company

Nixie Dream was founded in 2014 as a small family owned business of three engineers being passioned about retro nixie technology. We have combined retro nixie technology with pure wood nature and built the nixie clock which is truly unique. Our aim is to provide not only quality nixie clocks, but ones that will make a lasting impression. Our business is located in the heart of Ukraine - in Kiev. Feel free to contact us at any time.