Lavender decor wall clocks

Enjoy a lavender decor with real lavender scent of hand-cut alpine lavender on the truly unique wall clock. From an altitude of 1,800 m above sea level, grown on the hillsides of the Alps. Each clock is handcrafted with love piece by piece. The wall clock is characterized by its individual inflorescence are embedded into a multi-layered surface and exude intensive lavender freshness and dominating blossom notes as natural lavender air freshener. You will love their naturalness and authenticity as we do. Lavender is well known to help against inner unrest, nervous exhaustion, and nervous sleeping disorders. The wall clock allows a new experience of natural raw lavender through all your senses as the clock’s surface is untreated and hence also the natural lavender scenting is preserved. For our wall clocks we only use authentic and raw ecofriendly materials which are not used in regular production processes. They are produced in the heart of the Alps – where high attention is paid to ecological and sustainable manufacturing. The biological binders that are free of herbicides, plasticizes and solvents. Only in this way do we reach the unique appearance with genuine natural scent, natural haptics, and impressive look. Thickness of coating: approx. 2,8mm Diameter: 33cm (13”) Overall structure: hardly inflammable
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Nixie Dream company

Nixie Dream was founded in 2014 as a small family owned business of three engineers being passioned about retro nixie technology. We have combined retro nixie technology with pure wood nature and built the nixie clock which is truly unique. Our aim is to provide not only quality nixie clocks, but ones that will make a lasting impression. Our business is located in the heart of Ukraine - in Kiev. Feel free to contact us at any time.