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Video Conference Camera Logitech Rally

Logitech Rally has a modular design, is a premium camera, and is suitable for a variety of room sizes. It has high quality sound recording as if you were recording in a real recording studio. That way, the sound is clear and there's no extraneous noise. Logitech Rally also features automatic video conferencing, multiple audio modules, 4K recording, and Logitech Right Sense technology. With this technology, the camera will be able to recognize conference participants and apply image enhancement technology to make each meeting participant look better and have the best possible voice clarity without interference.

Just a few years ago, a quality video or audio system like Logitech Rally was very, very expensive. But even though the Rally is a premium system, it provides us with high-quality video and audio recording standards, and it's several times less expensive than similar solutions from competitors.

The microphones and speakers in the Rally system are designed slightly differently than the systems users are used to. They're simply separated, so it's possible to position the speaker at the screen so that the image and sound are in sync and the sound is coming from exactly where we expect it to be.

As we mentioned earlier, Logitech Rally is suitable for any size of room. It's made possible by its modular design. Premium optics and the ability to capture Ultra-HD video are responsible for the clarity and high image quality of the Rally system, while intelligent PTZ technology will create a clear image of absolutely everyone who is present at the conference. To get rid of unnecessary noise and echoes, the modular system has separate microphones, and high-quality and rich sound will provide the front speakers.

Logitech Rally doesn't disrupt the overall interior of the conference room at all. The system is made of high quality materials and has an ingenious wire management system that makes it easy to connect the Rally to any professional system.

You can share Logitech Rally with any popular video conferencing platform such as Skype for Business, Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more.

For over 30 years, Logitech has been developing technology to make digital enjoyment a pleasure. Today, among Logitech's range of products, we can also find audio, video, gaming, and social networking technology.