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New design for your room

If you are improving the design in your home, the first thought may not be to install a new desk clock, but it is certainly an element that will add charm to your room. However choosing a clock with a unique design,  vintage and ornate or modern and simple, turns this functional object into a piece of art. It also adds a part of your personality to your interior and makes it unique.

Modern clocks clocks are often a retrospective of past times, when Art Deco style design went beyond the functionality of timekeeping. Add a piece that effortlessly complements your room decoration and at the same time can be a central element of your house. 

Before deciding which nixie clock to buy in an online store or which wall clock to choose in a nearby store, think about the style and shape that suits you best. Think about the room where our nixie tube clock can be installed, its size and shape. Is your room shaped like a circle or is your room rectangular? Do you have an antique style or a modern one? Each room is unique when it comes to its atmosphere. Choose a clock that matches the tone and mood of your room. 

Choose for a large living room a big size nixie clock or a smaller chic nixie tube clock or our new model for compact rooms. You can choose a watch model that will seamlessly blend into your interior design and add character and new meaning to your room. For example, a round wall clock adds a touch of shine to your decor. Don't worry about filling every inch of your wall, large wall clocks, for example, will fill the overall look of your wall. If you want to place large vintage clocks or antique clocks in your room, use modern furniture to complement the rest of your decor. The square wall clocks are an essential element of minimalism and remind you of the elegance and charm of your surrounding. A modern, eclectic collection of wall clocks with motifs of the sun, stars and table lamps has recently become popular. But if you are looking for a delicate composition, choose a classic wooden wall clock or a metal wall clock. And finally, you should measure the space to hang the clock. Use a pencil or masking tape to mark where you want your watch to hang. Consider factors such as the surrounding furniture, the height of the ceiling and the location of the ceiling in relation to doors and windows.

Replacing your old clock can be a quick solution to upgrade and give style to your home. Like no other work of art, the new timepieces will delight you again and again. Rest assured that every time you look at them, they become more and more attractive!