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Nixie Display Technology Overview

What is a Nixie Tube?
The Nixie tube is a generic term for the so-called cold cathode neon readout tube. They were used during 1960-1980 in digital calculators and other devices with digital displays. Nixie tubes usually consist of ten cathodes in the form of a digit from 0 to 9, arranged one after the other on different levels. This gives the Nixie tube-based displays an exceptionally sharp appearance. Because the tubes are filled with the neon gas, each digit can be made to glow.
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What is the Nixie Technology?
When a high voltage (170V) is applied between the anode and one of the cathodes, the gas in the Nixie tubes is ionized and forms a kind of of plasma. Much of the light that shines from a Nixie tube is generated by collisions between gas atoms, ions and electrons, just like in a neon tube. When they collide with atoms, they produce photons of visible light that create this warm glow just behind the cathode.
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Nixie Clocks Revival
Although LCD and LED technology has made the Nixie tubes obsolete, we are still very fond of the typographically designed digits and the fascinating neon light. We want you to be touched by this rare and special display technology and to be able to accommodate it into your everyday life. That is why we have given the Nixies a new life in the form of a Nixie Clock, which is unmistakably a symbol of an old era full of unprecedented technical and scientific breakthroughs.
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Nixie Dream Quality is well known
We are very passionate about the Nixie Clocks we do. We started almost four years ago and have carefully designed the combination of Nixie tubes and modern electronics and created several different Nixie Clcocks. We use only New Old Stock Nixie tubes (NOS) and military grade electronic components to ensure long and issues-free operation.
Our Nixie Clocks come with an IR
To make the use of the Nixie Clocks more comfortable for our customers, we always supply our Nixie Clocks with IR remote control. All functions can be operated with the remote control.
Attractive Nixie effects
To have a nixie clock with wow-emotions we have developed several nixie effect. There are fading, overlapping, slot machine, shuffle. Besides the eye-catching design, the effects extend the life of the Nixie tubes by preventing premature cathode poisoning.
Three underneath LED Lightings
To attract even more attention our Nixie clocks are designed with three underneath lighting effects: 256 colors RGB-LED, red candle effect and UV-illumination. In a dark room it can create a very pleasant atmosphere.
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