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Explore our selection of Nixie Tube Clocks

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Nixie Dream Shop is the right place where you can buy vintage gifts for your friends or treat yourself one. Our brand is well known for its quality. We are extremely careful about the environment and we use only reclaimed wood to produce nixie tube clocks.

You can count on our company when it comes to buying a nixie tube clock. So search no further and check what it is a retro numeric display technology.

A nixie tube is a tube filled with a mixture of different gases (argon is one of those). When a voltage is applied to the anode the mixture of gases discharge and make a metal mesh inside the tube generating a neon electric arc. A temperature of a nixie tube remains as in your room.

Our popular models:

In-12 Nixie tube clock

In-14 Nixie tube clock

All nixie cathodes are typographically shaped in a form of numbers from 0 to 9. Each digit inside the tube has a wire connecting them with pins from outside the tubes.

The nixie clock brings us back to the time when we had no LCDs or LEDs but just a classical tube display. Nixie tube clock is a unique piece of art built with our passion in retro display technologies and high attention to detail.

We combined modern electronics and neon Nixie tubes from the Cold-Soviet War era and developed a device that is truly a masterpiece. Nixie Tube Clock is sometimes called a Russian Tube clock

A nixie clock shows time in hours, minutes, and seconds, toggling between every digit with an extremely eyes-catching nixie effect. You will love its orange nixie digits inside the tubes, which are bright enough and visible during the day. As there are no more nixie tubes are produced, the number of nixie tubes available on the market and in our stock is going down.

There are many nixie clocks on the market, but our clocks are characterized by using completely NOS (New Old Stock) nixies, low power consumption technology. We can best describe this clock as a vintage technology combined with a crafty elegant handmade wooden enclosure.

In past Ukraine had several Soviet plants, producing nixie tubes. The production of such nixies had been shut down in the early 70s. So there are no new nixie tubes produced. However, we are still able to find the gas-tight tubes in different devices and offer the best possible price for the nixie clock for our customers.

As the nixie tubes had been produced in our country, the price for a Nixie tube is lower compared to other markets in the world. However, its price will go higher over time as there are no new nixie tubes produced any longer. So the hours are counting down. From our side, we make all efforts to offer you the nixie clock for a better price.

We sell a fully assembled nixie tube clock and testing every nixie tube before it appears in the device. Each nixie clock is supplied with all needed accessories (power adapter for worldwide use with a respective electric plug, IR remote control). Every nixie tube clock is securely packed to keep the nixie tubes safe during transportation.

As a manufacturer, we use only high-quality electronics materials and only competent professionals are involved in the production processes. We aim to automate our manufacturing process as much as possible - all SMD parts are soldered by automated assembly lines. It allows us to minimize production failures.

All other related to the clocks production materials are sustainable and mercury-free. Wooden enclosures are milled on a precise CNC machine and handcrafted with Danish oil to emphasize its wooden shape and patterns.

Our Nixie Tube Clock

Our Nixie Tube Clock is handcrafted using 6x IN-14 Nixie tubes. These Nixie tubes are at least 40 years old in history, and from the former Soviet Union. We can best describe our clock as a vintage technology combined with a crafty elegance.

This beautiful nixie clock brings to your home a piece of old history with its durable vintage components. The soft and warm glow of the Nixie tubes makes it perfect to use it in your bedroom without disturbance to your sleep. The stunning colors glow in a properly combined and united manner will give your room a classic touch.

The IN-14 Nixie tube clock is by it purpose designed to operate in a range far below its lifespan thanks to a new technology we implemented to drive the nixie tubes. It ensures that you will enjoy your nixie clock for a long time. We guarantee that the Nixie Tube Clock is free of material defects (our warranty covers you from any potential production imperfections)

Let’s give your room a beautiful lift with this long-lasting nixie clock. Have your family and friends talk about this amazing clock when they visit you next time.

This beautiful clock brings to your home a new piece of history with its durable vintage components. The soft and warm light of the Nixie tubes makes it perfect to use it in your bedroom without disturbance to your sleep. The stunning neon colors in a properly distributed and beautified manner that give your room a classy touch. Here you can find Nixie Tube Clock kit

The tube clock indicates time very precisely, with an accuracy of 1.5%. Every nixie tube has an underneath lighting with 720 adjustable RGB colors and can change one another rapidly or gradually with adjustable speed. The colons can blink with different frequencies.

The clock uses a 12V power adapter, when there is a power outage the clock keeps all the settings and operates autonomously using replaceable CR2025 lithium batteries. All clocks are equipped with an anti-poisoning cathode process which extends the nixie tube clock lifespan.

All electronic parts are under the guarantee of 1 year from the shipping date, with an average service life of 5 years. The tubes are sensitive to outer impacts and should be used with care. Nixie Dream product offers the best price for the nixie clocks.

It is best for your home, office, or as a gift. All clocks are securely packed and has a an operation manual inside every box.