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Nixie Clock with IN-12 Tubes

Nixie Clock with six IN-12 Nixie Tubes from Soviet Era
The Nixie tube clock is a rare piece of electronic are that reminds you of the times full of technical romance. The well shaped digits in the nixie tubes are easy to read because of their bright orange color. Even in total darkness you will be able to see the exact time. We are proud to offer you the nixie tube clock which is characterized by high quality and brings nostalgic moments into your life.
You can turn on the back-light with just one click on the remote control, or select the color of the back-light. There are several toggling nixie effects, if you want to see how the digits are smoothly switched on and off by the others. You can also enable the colons between the nixie tubes, simply by using the remote control. All these functions can be selected in the nixie clock menu. And a power adapter for your country is always included.
Technical Details
Do you use a digital alarm clock or do you use a smartphone to check the time? Wouldn't it be much better to let the unique Nixie tube clock remind you about the time as well as its retro display technology that had been used in the past? We bet, you will feel much better!
Our Nixie Clock can display hours, minutes and seconds, year, month, day. We supply completely assembled and tested Nixie clocks with six IN-12 tubes.

Normally it is powered by electricity from the wall socket, but also has an integrated Lithium battery, so that you would not have any issues in case of power failures.
In addition to the time and date the Nixie Clock has an alarm that can wake you up.
The Nixie Tube Clocks has a beautiful underneath illumination and also eye-catching special nixie effects when changing the hours/minutes/seconds. The Nixie clock is controlled with an IR remote control.

All integrated circuits of this Nixie clock are protected in a wooden case, and powered by a universal power 12V adapter. The back-lighting of the nixie digits is controlled by RGB LEDs, with which you can adjust the color from 720 available colors. The blinking of the colon on the dial can occur at different frequencies. The Nixie clock can be set to a night mode to preserve the lifespan of the nixie tubes. Our Nixie clock is an excellent gift that would complement the design of your house or office.
Digits Height: 21 mm (0.83")
RGB und Ultra-Violet Underneath Lighting (can be turned off)
With 6 IN-12 Tubes (Orange Neon Color) (NOS: New Old Stock)
NEU Nixie Effects (Fade in-out, „Slot Maschine", Scrollback-Effect)
The Nixie Tubes are easily replaceable (in Sockets)
Automatic toggle between Time/Date
Dimensions: Length: 185 mm, Width: 57 mm, Height: 60 mm
Anti Cathode-Poisoning Mode
IR Remote Control RC6
Orange Neon Color Nixie Tubes

Nixie Clock IV-11 ($219)

Nixie Clock IN-4 ($229)

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