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Tube Watch

Nixie Watch always looks unique and futuristic. This nixie watch is installed with the smallest ever nixie cathode indicators Z5900, the size is smaller than NIXOID with iN-16 tubes, it’s actually lighter than it looks. The nixie watch features 12/24Hr time format, setting up the watches is usually easy, we provide English, German and Italian manuals. We also have a dedicated page where you can get all the instructions for your watch. Get it right now as this watch is a rare find today.

Set yourself apart from everyone wearing an iWatch with this Nixie watch. Each piece is handmade from milled pieces of Aluminum and complemented with four Z5900 Nixie tubes that display hours, minutes, and remaining battery life. The technology used in our products puts the quality of watches to a new level. Get it for you or those you love, there are no many items available today like this watch.

Bring some style to the way you tell time by strapping on this nixie wrist nixie watch. This unique model features a sturdy body milled from a single piece of aluminum complete with four z5900m cold cathode-powered Nixie tubes and a built-in accelerometer.

Bring a cool sci-fi flair to the way you tell time by strapping on this nixie watch. It combines vintage Nixie tubes with modern technology to produce a visually stunning timepiece that’s ready for you to explore its new look. We put attention to all the details so you can enjoy its rarity every minute you wear the watches.

Popular models:

In-12 Nixie tube clock

In-14 Nixie tube clock

Nixie Tube Watch

Give yourself a new appeal and be ready to leave your friends amazed with your new nixie watch from Nixie Dream. This stylish timepiece is made in a square shape case and is ready for you to order. You will enjoy its unprecedented quality for years. Currently, the clock is available in black color and in a square case. Within decades Nixie Dream brand stands for best nixie products, fare price and proven quality. Please be aware that the watch is not water-resistant so do not wear it when raining or swimming.

Nixie Watch features charging LED indication, it also has battery percentage indicator, calendar up to the year of 2099. The nixies used in the nixie watch came from USSR military stocks, all digits is bright and clear, you’ll love the animation as well. Nixie watch displays time by showing the hours first then the minutes, the battery life provides with around 1000 time displays or about two months in standby mode. Due to its cold cathode technology, the watch remains cold and does not generate any heat. Check here Vintage nixie Tube clock

Give yourself a nostalgic touch by adding some geeky accent lighting with retro nixies. This stylish clock features four cold cathode nixies and can be programmed to display the time, date, and alarm.

The nixie watch will bring a unique look to any person with its eye-catching design. The custom-made clock is composed of four independent nixies that display the time and date through a dazzling display of neon light bulb clock

Nixies Watches Revival

Nixie watch with tubes always bring a retrofuturism vibe, it would be a great gift to anyone including yourself, but especially if you order it for geeks. This watch would become a conversation starter, it displays time in a futuristic way. Each watch is handcrafted, featuring vintage style with those cold cathode nixie tubes that light up the room when it’s dark. The watch provides you with accurate time along with a clock alarm. For your information, this watch displays time in 12/24 hours format, the buttons on the right-hand side can be used to increase/decrease the number.

Cool clocks for geeks, nixie watch in an aluminum metal case with high attention to detail.

Explore this retro display technology which we made available today. Well, you might think those nixies are obsolete but we want to ensure that you will change your mind after you get our product. We have been working for many years days and nights to provide you with unique watches that look like no others. Such a product will put you from 2021 to the 70s and create nostalgic fondness. Nixies were used in the past as digits on scientific equipment, counters, voltmeters, and control panels. Even though they are no longer in production, you can own these limited edition watches that allow you to feel like being in the past and explore technology that has been built many days ago.

Nixies Masterpiece in your House

Nixie watch is a unique piece of art that you can wear anywhere you like, it’ll still stand out in whenever you are. It looks like a futuristic nixie watch when in fact it uses vintage nixie tubes made in the Soviet Union (USSR) in the 70s. The case design comes from Nixie Dream Nixie Watch, along with schematics and firmware which have been recently improved. The main part of this nixie watch is Z5900 which is a nixie indicator. These nixie tubes are new from old stock in a factory box. The lifetime of Z5900 is at least 10000 hours.

Weighing at just 135g, Nixie Watch can show not just time but also calendar and alarm in different variants. The power supply is mini USB connectors that you can connect to a computer, tablet, or power bank. You can set this watch to automatically adjust its brightness or manually. Each piece comes with a programmed calendar until the year of 2100. The product is Li-Io battery powered which is sufficient for 1000 time checks or one month of standby.

The enclosure of the nixie watch is made of laser-cut gorilla glass, aluminum core and covered with a black cover on the back. All bolts and nuts are also made of stainless steel. To make our nixie watches we use only 5052 Aluminum type. That material is used to make parts for cars. That makes the watch's case very durable and scratches-proof. The backside of the watch is covered with a black square plastic cover. The edges of the case is a bit round. To set the clock there are two menu buttons which you can see on the right-hand side. The clock can run in standby mode for 30 days.

Unique and cool, Nixie Dream Nixie Clock is a perfect gift for the inner geek inside us. It’s a cool gadget designed to deliver all the information you need on a daily basis. Each watch we make are utilizing gas discharge tubes that despite what you might think, from its name, it’s not a device for dealing with flatulence. Nixie Dream uses these cool tubes to create new, old-school products that you would love. These tubes are housed in an aluminum enclosure that best protects the tubes. As these tubes are no longer freely available we search them everywhere, within old military abandoned bases or ruined factories. Vacuum tube clock

This nixie watch does its jobs in a pleasing and quite hypnotic way. Each active mode can be easily detected via a LED that animates and changes color. To turn this clock off, simply lay it on its side to prolong the tube’s lifespan and preserve the time for the next day.

The English manual of the nixie watches you can download on our Instructions page on our site. You can save it in your local drive so you can access it whenever you need it. When we develop our products we aim to make the menu as simple and intuitive as possible in use. But as per our experience, we know that it may be in some cases difficult to you. So if you would have any questions, please feel free to come back and address those to us and we will help you to setup the watch. There are no special tools required to set up the nixie watch.

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