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Nixie Dream was founded in 2014 in Ukraine on our passion for retro nixie display technology. We love old stuff, old cars, old electronics. We are delighted by the fact that nixie tubes have survived tens of years, since 1970 and some are still serving their original purpose. Nostalgic fondness for the styling of obsolete technology awaked our interest in reviving Nixies. The beauties of the Nixie tubes are that its embedded digits are typographically designed and shaped for legibility. We have taken the old school retro nixie technology, added modern electronics and blended with pure wood nature to produce a limited edition handmade nixie clocks that are truly unique. Starting just a hobby, we have transformed into supplying quality, unique nixie clocks supplier to customers across the world. We are more than happy to offer our clocks for you!


At Nixie Dream we collaborated rare components, modern electronics and pure wood nature. With Nixie Dream clocks we fill the old Nixie tubes with a new life. At Nixie Dream, we strive to provide not only quality products, but ones that will make a lasting impression. Each piece is carefully and individually finished and inspected to ensure it is perfectly made for you. Our products can be customized and personalized, making them anything but ordinary.
For our nixie clocks we use only NOS (New Old Stock) tubes. It means they are new and were found on old production facilities all over Ukraine. However nixie tubes are no longer in production, so there is a finite supply. That is why the prices are constantly going up. As we are based in Ukraine we have still very steady supply of them available. Are there Tens of Thousands of nixies left? No one really knows for sure. What is known, at the time of writing this post, supply is still meeting our demand.
We know what it takes and how important it is to make a gift that makes a lasting impression. That is why we made it easier for you and we package our clocks in beautiful premium branded gift boxes. Besides making perfect impression our boxes safeguard that the nixie clocks are delivered free of damages during transportation.

Why to choose Nixie Dream

We have built and sold more than 200 nixie clocks worldwide.
Our customers are arround the globe, from United States, Europe to Australia.
We offer fully assembled and tested nixie clocks with full set of accessories for your country.
We offer lifetime warranty for electronics and 2 years warranty for the nixie tubes.
Before making available for sale we thoroughly test each clock during one week.
Our tubes are easily replaceable with no soldering required.
Our nixie clocks come in a premium gift box ready to be presented.
We can build custom clock's casing or any possible feature just for you.
We offer FREE SHIPPING to any destination in the world and provide tracking number.
We are happy to discuss any new feature or custom design you would like.

Nixie Dream was founded in 2014 as a small family owned business of three engineers being passioned about retro nixie technology. We have combined retro nixie technology with pure wood nature and built the nixie clock which is truly unique. Our aim is to provide not only quality nixie clocks, but ones that will make a lasting impression. Our business is located in the heart of Ukraine - in Kiev. Feel free to contact us at any time.