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Orange Color Nixie Tubes Round Shape

Nixie Clock IN-12 ($255)

Nixie Clock IV-11 ($239)

Nixie Clock IN-4 ($255)

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Nixie Clock IN-14 ($269)

Orange Color Nixie Tubes Classical
Green Color VFD Tubes
Orange Color Nixie Tubes
We use the innovative technology of industrial design with the use of Nixie Tubes. A proud owner of a masterpiece from our collections has an opportunity to step away from the usual mainstream designs and enjoy the benefits of this cutting edge rare technology, which is returning to us from past. Our products fit almost any interior at home and at your office.
Nixie Clocks Functionality
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Time Format: HH:MM:SS

Time Nixie Display

Snoozed Clock Alarm

Clock Alarm

US or EU Time Format

12/24 Time Format

Extends Nixie Tubes Life

Night Mode

Control is in your hands

IR Remote Control

One Power Supply for all

Universal Power Supply

Eyes catching Nixie Effects

Nixie Effects

Prevents the cathode poisoning

Anti-Cathode Poisoning

For IN-14, IN-12 nixie clocks

Premium Gift Box

English, Italian, German

Fulltime Support

Reply on the same day

Date Nixie Display

Multilingual User Guide

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