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Nixie Tube Clock Black Magic

Nixie Clocks with six IN-14 Nixie Tubes from Soviet Era
Are you looking for a handmade clock with a wow effect? Then take a look at this model of the Nixie tube clock, designed and produced by the Ukrainian manufacturer Nixie Dream. A real eye catcher!
This nixie clock offers everything and more: retro style and an extraordinary format, many options and always the precise time. So called cold cathode display technology is basically something from the past, which is of immediate interest today.

The Nixie tubes make a comeback in a new dress, but without a new conceptual design. On the contrary, every detail is full of nostalgia for those romantic times. Furthermore, we use only the New Old Stock Nixie tubes (NOS), so you can be sure, that the nixie clock from Nixie Dream will last for a long time.
Technical Details
You can hardly resist the temptation to buy a Nixie Tube Clock if you like the industrial look with numbers that resemble neon advertisements in the streets. Bright orange tones can be seen from afar and even at night. In this way, the decorative feature is complemented by functionality. We are 100% sure that our customers will be satisfied with this product, as we guarantee high quality components and assembly in Ukraine.

What can you count on in addition to the usual options? This watch offers alarm setting with an effective night mode. If you do not want to see the backlight, you can turn it off, or if you prefer, you can choose any brightness and color from 720 available options. You will get the right adapter for your country.
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You are free to choose what you like most! You can buy this lovely watch in our online store.
Digit height: 21 mm (0.83")
RGB und Ultra-Violet Underneath Lighting (can be turned off)
Six IN-14 Nixie Tubes (Orange Neon Color) (NOS: New Old Stock)
Eyes-Catching Nixie Effects (Cross-Fading, „Slot Machine", Scrollback-Effect)
Our Nixie Tubes are easily replaceable (in Sockets)
Real Ash Wood Casing
Dimensions: Lenght: 185 mm, Width: 57 mm, Height: 60 mm
Cathode Anti-Poisoning Mode
IR Remote Control
Nicht-Dimmer (to extend tubes life)
Orange Neon Color Nixie Tubes

Nixie Clock IN-12 ($229)

Nixie Clock IV-11 ($219)

Nixie Clock IN-4 ($229)

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