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Nixie Clock with IN-4 Tubes

Nixie Clock with six IN-4 Nixie Tubes from USSR.
If you prefer a unique experience that will allow you to make a lasting impression, simply purchase this Nixie Clock and enjoy the stunning view and many useful options. All Nixie Dream clocks are manufactured in Ukraine, using safe, high quality electronic components. You can be sure that our nixie clocks are durable and made for years to last.

The nixie clocks are very stylish and can be placed on your working desk or anywhere else in your house. The wooden case covers almost all tubes, which makes this model less fragile. As usual in all Nixie Dream clocks, you can turn off the tubes back-light, although its combination with orange numbers looks very attractive. You can see the day and month and easily adjust the date or time. To connect the nixie clock to any power outlet, you can use a universal power supply (we always supply one with the clock).
Technical Details
You will receive the Nixie tube clock in the wooden enclosure, with universal power adapter, remote control and a plug adapter (when you are outside of the EU). The nixie clock shows hours, minutes, year, month and day. There are different tubes back-light effects that can be turned off, if you like to enjoy just the appealing warn nixie light. The settings and mode buttons are located on the back side of the nixie clock case. The plug adapter allows you to connect the nixie clock in different situations and enjoy the nixie technology in any country in the world.

We are happy to offer you the best prices compared to other offers available on the market and 1 year free guarantee and free service period. Nixie Dream is a Ukrainian company specializing in the production of authentic nixie clocks. Nixie tube technology is attractive in the context of today's interest in the loft. This model consists of six nixie tubes that are placed on a 285 x 70 mm board. This clock is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is made in Ukraine by Nixie Dream and proves its reliability and safety.
Nixie Digits Height: 21 mm (0.83")
RGB, Ultra-Violet underneath lighting (can be turned off)
Six IN-4 round Nixie Tubes (Orange Color) (New Old Stock - NOS Tubes)
NEW Eyes-catching Nixie Effects (Fading, „Slot Machine", Scrolling)
The nixie tubes are easily replaceable (in Sockets)
Automatic toggle between Time & Date
Dimensions: Lenght: 287 mm, Height: 75 mm, Width: 57 mm
Cathode Poisoning Prevention technology (CPV)
IR Remote Control
Night and Evening Dimmer
Orange Neon Color Nixie Tubes

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