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Nixie Clock with IV-11 VFD Tubes

Nixie Clock with six IV-11 Nixie VFD Tubes from Soviet Era
The Nixie clock for the working desk, the TV cabinet or simply everywhere where you want to show off a chic accessory.
The case is made of ash wood and polished with carnauba wax. We use NOS (New Old Stock) Nixie tubes from the 80s. Make yourself a unique gift.

If you like colorful neon tubes as they appear in the streets of big cities in the dark of the night, you will be thrilled to have a nixie tube clock. It will evoke in you memories associated with those retro times when neon lighting was the technological innovation. A distinctive design, precise timekeeping and a modern electronics inside - all this is offered by this model. Nixie Dream is a Ukrainian brand, which is characterized by using only environmentally safe materials and high quality.
Technical Details
The Nixie Clock is supplied completely assembled and tested with six IV-11 VFD tubes.
It runs by electricity from in-house 110/220V power socket as usual, but also has an integrated Lithium battery, so that there are no problems in case of power outages.

The nixie tubes show the time and date. There is also an alarm clock. The nixie tubes have a beautiful floor lighting and when changing the hours/minutes/seconds there are eyes-cathcing and very attractive nixie effects.

The nixie clock is operated with an IR remote control or with the buttons on the rear side.
This clock is assembled in a solid wood case which carries the tubes floating above the bright backlight. The colour of the underneath lighting can be chosen from 720 variants. The green colored digits in New Old Stock Nixie tubes change every second and show the exact time with hours, minutes and seconds. The clock is extremely creative, a real exotic eye-catcher or ice-breaker.

Now you can forget your digital alarm clock! You can rely on this unique old display technology and learn more about how time can be displayed. This nixie clock can be a perfect gift for a technology geek but also a perfect gift for yourself. With our low prices with 1 year guarantee you can order the nixie tube clock right away in our online shop.

Digits Height: 21 mm (0.83")
RGB und Ultra-Violet Tubes Floor Lighting (can be turned off)
Six VFD IV-11 Tubes (Green Color) (NOS: New Old Stock)
NEW Nixie Effects (Cross-Fading, „Slot Maschine", Fading with Scrollback-Effect)
Wooden case with a metal Nixie Dream Logo in front
Automatic toggling between Time/ Date
Dimensions: Lenght: 195 mm (7.7"), Width: 57 mm (2.2"), Height: 70 mm (2.8")
Anti-Cathode Poisoning Mode
IR Remote Control
Night and Evening Dimmer
Orange Neon Color Nixie Tubes

Nixie Clock IN-4 (229€)

Nixie Clock IN-12 (229€)

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Orange Neon Color Nixie Tubes
Orange Neon Color Nixie Tubes